Winter is upon us in Missouri and the rides are shorter and further between as the snow falls and the cold winter air becomes just too much. Let’s face it: winter stinks for bike lovers. But, do you know what’s worse? When that first beautiful spring day hits and you realize your bike took a beating over the winter as it sat unprotected.

Steps to Winterize Your Motorcycle:

  1. Clean It Thoroughly. A good cleaning can ensure your new Harley-Davidson® can help keep smudge and grime from trying to become a permanent resident. Make sure too that you give it a good dry – months-long water spots can ruin paint. Then, add a coat of wax to make sure its thoroughly protected.
  2. Get a Good Inspection. Have our Harley-Davidson service center make sure your motorcycle is fully prepped. It’s a good idea to change filters and oil, as well as check the coolant level and battery to make sure everything is fresh, as well as prepared to sit for an extended period of time.
  3. Store it Safely. When it’s ready to store, it’s a good idea to get your bike onto a motorcycle stand to avoid undue strain on your tires. You’ll also want to cover it to try and protect it from moisture and developing rust or wear. Plus, of course, you want to make sure it’s fully protected from wandering eyes – an unwatched motorcycle is a prime target for thieves.

Don’t make these months off the road even worse by leaving your pride and joy prime to damage. Protect your Harley-Davidson to ensure it’s ready for that first glorious ride come springtime. Need help? Visit us at Lawless Harley-Davidson in Scott City, MO and we’ll do just that.