Ready to finally take the leap and upgrade your bike? Perhaps you’ve been eyeing a motorcycle for a long time now, or maybe you just know you’re ready for a change. You’re in luck. We don’t just sell the latest and greatest Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, but we also buy pre-owned bikes for those looking for a switch up.

To start, get your motorcycle ready to sell. Yes, we have a team of trained professionals that can tackle any problem you may have with your bike. However, a ready-to-ride Harley-Davidson® is always going to be worth more than one with a faulty engine and flat tires. If you have improvements you can make, do it. Your bottom line will thank you.

However, don’t go overboard with making changes. In Motorcyclist’s  Top Ten Don’ts When Selling a Motorcycle, they stress the importance of getting your motorcycle back to its original glory. If you made heavy modifications to your motorcycle, try to get it back to its original parts, if you can. Also, remove any stickers or add-ons you added. In the same sense, don’t do any last-ditch efforts to try and fix it up. Spray paint and tape are not encouraged!

Next, you’ll want to see what your trade-in is worth. You can easily get an estimate online by filling out some simple information such as make, model, and mileage, as well as submitting a few pictures. That way, you have an idea what you have to contribute to the purchase price for your new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Ready to sell? Visit our Missouri Harley-Davidson® dealership at 2100 E. Outer Road in Scott City, MO. We’re anxious to help you upgrade to your new favorite thing.