You’ve got your heart set on a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle and are finally ready to pull the trigger. Congrats! We’re confident that we’ve got the perfect new Harley-Davidson® model for you. However, while you may think all your hard work is done after deciding on just the right bike, it’s not over yet. You’ve got another big decision to make: what type of insurance do you need?

Missouri law states that all motorcycle drivers must insure your motorcycle before you can register and ride it. Therefore, it’s important to speak with a licensed Missouri insurance agent when considering a new motorcycle to make sure you’re properly prepared to drive it. An insurance agent can help you decide what type of coverage you need for your bike, as well as the investment involved. One thing we recommend? Gap insurance.

Gap insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It covers the gap – or difference – in your vehicle’s worth and the amount you owe on it. If you purchase a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with a small down payment or extend your financing over an extended period of time, gap insurance is especially crucial. After all, even the safest drivers can end up in an accident, be it their fault or not. Then, your insurance company will cover the estimated value of your motorcycle, no matter how much you still owe on it. And, you are left to cover the remainder.

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